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Barbara Di Ventura

(PI; University of Heidelberg)

Project(s) involved: Kassel/Di Ventura


Curriculum Vitae Barbara Di Ventura

Barbara Di Ventura

Born                   April 12th 1976 in Latina, Italy




Starting 04/2016 – Independent e:Bio group leader, University of Heidelberg, Germany

11/2011 to 03/2015 – Group leader in the department of Roland Eils, University of Heidelberg, Germany

12/2010 to 09/2011 – Visiting scientist, MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg, Germany

07/2008 to 10/2011 – Postdoctoral research on quantitative mechanistic understanding of the bacterial Min oscillator under the supervision of Victor Sourjik, ZMBH, Heidelberg

05/2007 to 12/2007 – Postdoctoral research on light regulation of the circadian clock of Neurospora crassa under the supervision of Michael Brunner, BZH, Heidelberg

12/2006 to 04/2007 – Bridging postdoc with Luis Serrano, EMBL, Heidelberg

06/2002 to 11/2006 – Doctoral research in systems and synthetic biology focused on the engineering of a p53-Mdm2 network in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae; under the supervision of Luis Serrano, EMBL, Heidelberg



11/2006 – Joint Ph.D. awarded from the EMBL and the University of Heidelberg

1996 to 2002 – Combined B.Sc. and M. Sc (“Laurea”, 5 years degree) in computer science, from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy). Grade: 110/110 cum laude


Reviewer for:

Nucleic Acids Research, Journal of Bacteriology, ACS Synthetic Biology, Journal of Biotechnology, ChemBioChem, PLoS ONE, Biophysical Journal, the ISME Journal, Systems and Synthetic biology